Our Groomers

Before Moving to Central Texas & opening up Laura’s Doggie Doo’s Grooming in 2007 – Laura lived previously in New Mexico for 22 years where she was a Vet Tech for 11 of years and spent another 2 years managing a Humane Society and working part-time as an animal control officer. When Laura moved to Austin in 2004 – she began working for a Dog Grooming Salon and decided to open up my her own business in Austin, TX. In December of 2007, Laura opened Laura’s Doggie Doo’s Grooming Salon out of her home in South Austin and as of most recently expanded to a brand new location located at Slaughter Lane and South 1st.  Laura now has a total of  28 years of grooming dogs under her clippers!

Robert was born and raised in Austin, TX. He has been working with dogs since 1993 and grooming for about 5 yrs.

Lisa Novak moved to Austin in 1985 from the Chicago area where she attended private school. Since graduation in 1987, she has pursued a career as a groomer in the Austin area for over 25 years! Lisa credit’s her success as a groomer to the fact that she absolutely love’s grooming! She believe it helps to have a big heart and a gentle hand and to treat every animal she groom’s as her own pet.

Over a long career in this field, she has gained experience with just about every breed of dog and cat. While she doesn’t specialize in show rooming, lisa does do creative coloring and excels in traditional breed grooming. Lisa feels very competent to fulfill any owner’s specific grooming requests or to improvise what will look best on certain dogs due to particular conditions of their coats, their health, or their ages.

Lisa is particularly fond of working with puppies – perhaps due to the fact she is a mother of 5 awesome children which taught her a great deal about nurturing and the rewards of patience. However, her real forte, we think, is working with pets that have special needs or older animals who may have geriatric issues.

Susan is originally from Australia but most recently from New York where she had been grooming dogs for the past 8 years. She became part of Laura’s Doggie Doo’s family when she moved to Austin, TX in June 2015.